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Family abroad

Family Abroad -project is a joint project between The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation and The Finland Society. It is funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) between years 2019-2021.

The project is aimed at Finnish families who live abroad temporarily. Family is defined broadly including families with and without children, married and unmarried couples and couples in registered relationships.

The project offers reliable information and support for a person/family who is:

  • planning to move abroad
  • lives abroad
  • planning to return or has returned to the home country.

The website offers articles, advice, information and different views concerning living abroad. The aim is to meet the increasing need for support.

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Contact info:

Development Manager
Jarmo Pykälä
+358 40 586 2477

Communications Specialist
Kristiina Andreasson
+358 50 300 2119